Maintenance Program



 A preventive maintenance program helps to keep your equipment in top condition, decrease down time, and prevent major equipment failures.

Cleaning, Lubrication, Calibration as well as replacing worn parts as need are all necessary tasks for ensuring the safety and reliability of your equipment.







Preventive Maintenance Plan

Keeping equipment in good working order with minimal downtime requires more than just wiping down the equipment and reporting malfunctioning units to a technician.  A Fitness Serve program of regular check-ups and maintenance will extend the life of your equipment and same money in the long run.

Our qualified and factory authorized technicians are trained to find and eliminate small issues before the become costly problems.  This service ultimately cuts your upkeep costs due to the fact that something as simple as neglecting to lubricate your treadmill can cause problems with belts, deck, and motors - resulting in hundreds of dollars in repairs.




Plan Overview

To enroll in our preventative maintenance plan, we offer a free assessment and quote.  We draft a service contract that is designed around your particular site requirements.  In addition to periodic site visits our PM plans also include unlimited emergency calls throughout the year.

Service Includes

  • Inspection for wear & tear
  • Cleaning
  • Lubrication of decks
  • Unit Calibration
  • Inspection, adjustment and alignment of drive belts
  • Oiling of motor gears
  • Adjust & align running belt tension and tracking
  • Inspection for loose or missing hardware - replacing when needed

"As Needed" Maintenance

If you choose not to sign up on a contract - Fitness Serve can still come to your home or facility on an "as needed" basis.


Maintenance service will ensure that fitness equipment is running to manufacture's specifications.

Preventive Maintenance for Commercial Fitness Facilities

Our PM plan is great for commercial facilities.  Regardless of the number of machines or their workloads, a preventative maintenance program will help keep the equipment in proper working condition.  Reduce downtime, minimize costs, extend equipment life spans, and most importantly - improve clientele satisfaction levels.  A preventative maintenance from Fitness Serve will help ensure that a client’s favorite equipment is not offline for repairs and causing interruption to their training program.